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QCheckers - formerly known as KCheckers
Qt-based checkers boardgame

This is the homepage of QCheckers, the Qt version of the classic boardgame "checkers". This game is also known as "draughts". QCheckers is distributed under the GNU GPL

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2007-07-23 Artur Wiebe
	* Start moving project to
2005-12-19 Artur Wiebe
	* QCheckers 0.8 released.

Old news can be found at (no longer available).


See "Downloads" for various versions. QCheckers up to version 0.6 requires the threaded version of Qt 3.0 library. From 0.6 you can download a corresponding GPG signature file to verify file's integrity.

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Latest QCheckers 0.8 On KDE Desktop: In Qtopia Environment:

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